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Kyiv Waldorf School "Sofia"

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Harmonious development of the personality is proclaimed as the primary task of the modern education reform in Ukraine. The Waldorf School, having its own characteristics, best contributes to this task. It creates the maximum possible conditions for the preservation, strengthening and development of the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, personal and physical health of the child. This is the school of the present and the future. It does not rely on traditional school uniforms, but comes from the needs of modern life. In the process of training and education, the teacher combines theoretical knowledge with their practical implementation and artistic performance. This is a school without grades. The main thing for us is the student's real interest in learning, a holistic perception of the world, the search for an individual's individual life path, the development of social competencies as the basis for the formation of civil society.

Advantages and features of Waldorf pedagogy:

  • - cultivate the desire to learn new things and learn throughout life;
  • - taking into account physical and age needs;
  • - disclosure of personal talents and abilities of the child;
  • - no ratings, template answers;
  • - educational space of a mobile type, where children can move freely;
  • - teacher-student partnership, mutual respect and trust;
  • - most of the project, team work;
  • - active participation of parents in school life.

It is these tasks - not only in theory, but also in practice - that the Waldorf School, which UNESCO recognized as the school of the 20th century, has been implementing for about 100 years. Through its integrity, this pedagogical system contributes to the development in children of those qualities and abilities that allow them to become initiators and creators of the cultural, technical and social transformations that the modern world needs. That is why in the developed countries of the world, where society is aware of the role of education in solving socio-economic problems, the number of Waldorf schools is constantly growing. Today there are more than 1250 Waldorf schools and 1915 kindergartens in 70 countries of the world. Waldorf pedagogy in Ukraine is gaining more and more fans.

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